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Where I’ve Been

Today I thought I’d post a little bit about where my path started. If my memory serves my correctly (which isn’t always the case) I was around 20 years old when I first discovered there was a religion based on Witchcraft called Wicca. Again if memory serves me correctly it was an add for the Church and School of Wicca run by the Frosts in Rolling Stone magazine. I did not actually take this course because I was an unemployed, just out of my teens slacker who lived with my grandmother. I could not afford the price they charged for this course. It did however strike the spark that lead me to start looking for books on this subject.

These were the days when there was no internet so I had to search the book stores we had in my home town of Jackson, Mississippi. Needles to say there was not a lot to find on the subject in the late 1980’s. I honestly can’t remember what the first book I found on Wicca was. It was around 1992 when I moved to Huntsville, Alabama that I found Gerald Gardner’s books in an actual Pagan store there. Sadly when my ex-husband and I split up I let him put all my things in storage and he never bothered to bring them back to MS and give them to me so they are long gone.

Once I moved back to Mississippi in 1993 I was able to find more books on the subject. By the mid to late ’90s I was well on my fluffy bunny path. I believed everything Silver Ravenwolf and Scott Cunningham wrote. I loudly proclaimed that I would NEVER do “Black Magic” such as hexes and curses. For me it was all about love and light, unicorns and rainbows. It became apparent around 2001 or so that the person/Wiccan I was trying to be was not the person I was or wanted to be.

Around 2002 or so I found Witch School online and took that course….I have to say I would like to have the time I spent on that site back. I would certainly not go that route again if I could get a do-over. ¬†After I distanced myself from that particular path I really started searching for what was right for me. Nothing really felt like a perfect fit…

I will stop here because most of my story is boring. Next time I write we’ll skip through time to where I am now and where I feel like my path is going.




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